Cold War & The Events Surrounding It

We Didn\’t Start The Fire” is a song by Billy Joel that was released in 1989. I’ve attached a YouTube video that has pictures and video clips that correspond with the lyrics. The beginning animation part is kind of random but everything else is pretty interesting.

It mentions powerful figures in politics and pop culture and events that have gone on throughout his life – starting with Harry Truman. It includes many political names and events that are also mentioned in Chapter 25, such as, Josef Stalin, atomic weapons, Berlin Wall, The Communist Bloc – which is a group of communist countries that were controlled by the Soviet Union at the time, Sputnik, McCarthy, Fidel Castro, and the U-2 Spy plane launched by the US.

USSR Propaganda:

"We plan life, they plan death"

American Propaganda:

America Under Communism

Comparing the two kinds of propaganda during the Cold War, both contain bold and persuasive imagery portraying the enemy in a negative light. In the Soviet propaganda, the Russians look hardworking and represents their communist ideologies that everyone is the same. Whereas in the Soviet view on America – there is a wealthy looking man, smoking a cigar, who is in the “business of war”. Comparing these two images on the same poster goes along with Marx’s idea of Communism with the Proletariat (represented by the Russian image being the wage earners) and the negative view of Bourgeoisie taking advantage of the Proletariat (represented by the American image).

The American propaganda poster is just meant to make Americans fear of what is to come if they don’t take action against Communism.


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