Longest Reigning Rulers – Longer than Louis

When I heard of Lous XIV’s rather long reign, my interest was piqued as to monarchs that beat him. As a lover of ranked lists, Wikipedia is one of my best friends. So who is the longest reigning monarch in all of history?

According to wikipedia

The longest reigning in history are Pepi II of ancient egypt, from BC 2278-2184, at 94 years, and then the Goguryean (Korean) monarch Taejo from AD 53 to 146, giving him 93 year reign. Both of these fellows are disputed, and at least in Pepi’s case, took the throne as an infant, so I will not count child monarchs.

The oldest non-child Monarch’s reign I could find was Bernard VII, a lord of Lippe (1429–1511), at 81 years and 234 days. Lippe was a principality of the Holy Roman Empire.

Jangsu of Goguryeo reigned from 413 to 491, and is the Longest Reigning undisputed, non-child, non-Holy Roman Empire affiliated (since they are fragmented states) monarch at a 78 year reign. He assumed the throne at age 19, which would put his death at age 97.

Louis XIV had a reign of merely 72 years and 110 days.

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