Women’s Health

Women during the 18th and 19th century were very afraid of sex because contraception was very expensive at the time and often times rare. Part of the fear also came from the thought of becoming pregnant which was the most common cause of death among women. The reason behind this was that upon the birth of the new born baby, often times the doctor’s hands were not clean, or the instruments used for unsterilized. By 1860, doctors were able to diagnose pregnancies due to new scientific techniques. The idea that pregnant women should wear corsets soon began to disappear, soon expandable lacing was created and was immediately popular. The average number of children in a family was 7. Compare that today which is around 4 for the global community and in the US is approximately 2.3. Chloroform was developed and implemented during this period was a sort of anesthetic but many religious political leaders believed that this practice was sacrilegious. The reason for this was that they believed that birth was a curse on women and that the suffering was necessary to produce a loving bond between the child and its mother.

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