Assassination Game Plan

The assignation of the Arch duke was organized by The Black Hand.   It was a military secretly society founded in the kingdom of Serbia.  The Black Hand organized seven members to line along Appel Quay.  Ferdinand and his wife Sophie von Cotkovato were traveling on this street for a reception at the city hall. These men were instructed to take cyanide after their shooting.  This insured that the information regarding the true masterminds would not leak.  The men who stepped up for this mission were all severely ill and their deaths were inevitable. Consequently, they volunteered to give up their lives for what they believed was a great cause.

The first assassin lined up to shoot the arch duke was Muhamed Mehmedbasic.  As the archduke passed Muhamed, He failed to execute due to the presences of authorities.  Nedilko cabrinovic was lined up next and as the archduke passed him, he flung a bomb from the crowd hoping for it to land on Ferdinand’s vehicle.  The driver saw the bomb and accelerated his vehicle.  The bomb fell on the car behind Ferdinand’s vehicle and exploded, killing the passengers and injuring the surrounded spectators.   After throwing the bomb, Nedielko consumed the cyanide; however the dose was not strong enough to take his life.  The police quickly apprehended Nedielko and Ferdinand was transported to the reception.

After the reception, Ferdinand inquired about the injured subsectors and wished to see them at the hospital.   He was instructed to stay on Appel Quay however the driver was not informed of secured avenue and made a turn on to Franz Joseph Street.  Gavrilo Princip, one of the seven assassins, was ironically walking on this street.  As the driver was backing up to get back on Appel Quay, Princip swiftly approached the vehicle and fired couple of shots. Ferdiand and his wife were both murdered that day.

After shooting the archduke, Princip pointed the gun on himself rather taking cyanide.  Pedestrians noticed this act and quickly apprehended Princip.  Once Princip and Nedilko were tortured, the other five members were also arrested and charge for treason. At the time Princip was 19 years old and could not be put to death for his actions.  He was sentenced for 20 years in prison, but due his illness of tuberculosis he died in prison.

The Assassin of Archduke
Scene of Assassination

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