The “Sacred Ground” of a nation-state

Before the French Revolution, the event which the modern world unfolded int he shadow of, the idea of the nation-state was quite different. Nowadays, A state like Germany would be germany despite who controls the location or draws the borders, it is a sort of primordial, “Sacred ground” of the German people. The same goes with Japan or any other country on the map today. These are not interchangeable borders and domains based on the politics and whims of the rulers, with the language and culture as the binding glue.
But it was not always like this, which is interesting to think about. The paradigm shift of the French Revolution put us into this frame of thought, that borders are not interchangeable as the political situation allows. Before nation-states, different multi-ethnic empires rise and fell with different peoples and languages overlapping on the same land, only separated by time. Politics and rulers could make up “countries”, and another ruler could come by and erase them into the sands of time.

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