Assasination of Trotsky

Leon Trotsky was one of the three men who had a viable chance to gain control of the Soviet Russia after the death of Lenin.  After loosing to Stalin he was exiled and went to live in Mexico.  But exile was not enough for Stalin and he decided to have Trotsky assassinated in order to remove rivals.  The first attempt on his life in Mexico was on May 24, 1940.  During this attempt the room in which he was in was sprayed with bullets, but he and his wife survived by hiding under the bed.  One of Trotsky’s assistants and bodyguard Robert Harte went away with the would be assassins and was found dead a few days later.  The second, and successful, attempt on Trotsky’s life was on August 20, 1940.  This attack upon him was done by Ramon Mercader with an icepick, though some reports say it was an iceaxe, which he was able to conceal under his jacket and walk into Trosky’s home.  Under the pretext of getting Trotsky to read an article he was allowed to enter the house.  As Trotsky was reading the article  Mercader took the icepick and hit Trotsky in the head with it, though it did not instantly kill him, this caused a commotion and Trotsky’s bodyguards entered and almost killed Mercader but did not under Trotsky’s orders.  His famous words to the effect that he should be made to talk.  Trotsky died do to the injuries sustained from the icepick.

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